Red Sox fans will be in tears watching Brianna Wakefield’s first pitch, 2004 ceremony

Baltimore Orioles v Boston Red Sox
Baltimore Orioles v Boston Red Sox / Maddie Malhotra/Boston Red Sox/GettyImages

The Boston Red Sox and Baltimore Orioles teams stood on Fenway Park's baselines in silence. The names and likenesses of Larry Lucchino, Stacy and Tim Wakefield flashed on the park's big screen.

A few stray cheers rang out for each of the departed former Red Sox, the vast majority for Tim.

After the national anthem was sung and fighter jets did their yearly flyover, a video tribute to the 2004 World Series winning team played. As "American Pie" by Don McLean played in the background, key moments from the 2004 season played.

The Wakefields and Lucchino each had tribute moments during the video. It ended with a montage from Wakefield's career. The quiet, final verse of McLean's iconic tune played behind Wakefield pitching for the Pirates and the Red Sox, him hoisting the World Series trophy, video of him and his children at the championship parade and images of his philanthropic efforts.

Red Sox celebrated Larry Lucchino, Tim and Stacy Wakefield, 2004 World Series-winning team in emotional ceremony

After the tribute, a "2004 World Series Champions" banner unfurled over the Green Monster and the curse-breaking team emerged from the wall. They passed around markers to sign each other's jerseys as Johnny Damon brandished the World Series trophy over his head. They made their way toward the mound and Fenway Park erupted in cheers.

Beside the team were Tim and Stacy Wakefield's children, Brianna and Trevor. Brianna threw the first pitch to Jason Varitek, a close personal friend of the Wakefield family. The two embraced, and fans around the ballpark hid their faces and dabbed their eyes. Wakefield signs dotted the crowd and the two Wakefield kids hoisted the 2004 trophy themselves.

Former Red Sox manager Terry Francona narrated an emotional tribute video to Tim Wakefield

The manager of the 2004 World Series-winning club, Terry Francona, did not attend the festivities at Fenway Park on Opening Day. However, he still memorialized the Wakefields in his own way.

MLB Network aired Tito's emotional tribute video to Tim Wakefield, which showcased career milestones and personal moments between the pitcher and his manager.

From tribute videos to 49 patches, Tim Wakefield was well-honored before Boston's home opener. The reactions from the crowd showed Boston cared as much about Wakefield as he did about the city. And the 2004 World Series winning team still lives in Boston's heart as if they broke the curse yesterday.

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