Red Sox fans feel conflicted over Bleacher Report’s assessment of Nick Pivetta

Boston Red Sox v Oakland Athletics
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The Boston Red Sox's starting rotation has shocked MLB fans with its dominance to open the regular season. Nick Pivetta has headlined some of its better performances.

The right-hander had an easier time coming out of the bullpen in 2023 and his relief appearances were mostly better than his starts. But in a contract year and under Andrew Bailey's tutelage, Pivetta has turned his rough luck as a starter around.

It's never too early to talk about the upcoming trade deadline, and Bleacher Report's MLB division already has bold predictions for some moves before July 30.

B/R listed Pivetta as an "honorable mention" to be moved at the deadline on the article's list of "10 best trade deadline assets." He specifically shouted Pivetta out as the standout option.

Bleacher Report predicts the Red Sox may deal Nick Pivetta at the trade deadline

Trading a pitcher who has been so dominant at the trade deadline would be the epitome of a Red Sox move. Pivetta had an incredible stretch coming out of Boston's 'pen in 2023 and he's shown promise as a starter so far in 2024 — he could be a versatile option for clubs in need of pitching depth across the board. It also helps he's in a contract year. The likelihood he re-signs with the Sox seems low.

The Red Sox have been stingy when it comes to pitcher contracts in recent years. If Pivetta continues his success as a starter, he may expect a pretty penny from Boston if the Red Sox hope to extend him.

The Sox may think it's worth a shot to work with Pivetta on an extension, though. He keeps a relatively low profile in the grand scheme of MLB and they may be able to sign him for cheap. His versatility as a starter or long reliever also gives Boston some wiggle room to use him however they please.

On the one hand, trading players in a few months to better prepare for 2025 seems like a prudent decision. On the other hand ... this pitching staff is off to an incredible start. Why would we want to think about interrupting that?

It wouldn't be a shock to see the 2024 Red Sox dish Pivetta at the deadline in hopes of getting something in return for him if they can't sort out a deal. But it also seems like they may just wait out his contract and let him walk based on recent trade deadline track records. Then again, Chaim Bloom isn't running the front office, so things could be different this year.

If Pivetta can continue his early-season dominance, Boston should find a way to keep him around. His experience and energy are valuable to the team, and his 0.82 ERA is nothing to complain about, either.

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