Hall of Fame pitcher praises Red Sox for Andrew Bailey hire

This expert's glowing opinion should give Red Sox fans plenty of optimism
May 21, 2022; San Francisco, California, USA; San Francisco Giants pitching coach Andrew Bailey (84)
May 21, 2022; San Francisco, California, USA; San Francisco Giants pitching coach Andrew Bailey (84) / Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

Fans aren’t the only ones commending the Boston Red Sox for hiring Andrew Bailey as their new pitching coach.

In an interview with the Boston Globe, Hall of Fame pitcher Dennis Eckersley spoke very highly of the addition.

"You saw the success he's had with the Giants. You know, it's this new philosophy. The game's changing and you got to be ready for it. I think Bailey's a good move."

Dennis Eckersley

Eckersley also alluded to the fact that pitching was one of Boston’s biggest weaknesses in 2023. The rotation amassed a 4.45 FIP and 11.7 fWAR while struggling to get production out of its most utilized arms. Nick Pivetta, who led the team with 170 innings, delivered a shaky 4.36 FIP and .304 BABIP.

Therefore, pitching was an area that needed to be taken seriously this offseason.

Red Sox Andrew Bailey hire shows their taking pitching seriously, per Dennis Eckersley

The Red Sox have yet to sign any free agents to big-league deals, but they have still made progress with the Bailey hiring and a recent trade with the Mariners that brought up-and-coming reliever Isaiah Campbell to Boston.

Eckersley’s glowing review of Bailey should provide Red Sox fans with optimism. After all, the 69-year-old was a six-time All-Star who also won a Cy Young and MVP award. Since being inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2004, the former third-round pick has remained in baseball, serving as an analyst for TBS and NESN.

Bailey, meanwhile, is credited with reinventing the Giants’ pitching department. His impressive resume includes a four-year stretch with San Francisco that saw him extract utter dominance from Kevin Gausman, Carlos Rodón, and Logan Webb, among others.

A fresh face with a proven track record could be exactly what the Red Sox need after firing Dave Bush following his four-year stint on the staff.

Without a doubt, it is still too early to declare the Bailey hiring an indisputable victory for the franchise. However, things are certainly trending up in Boston. Eckersley’s praise is the latest piece of offseason news that should get fans excited about the 2024 season and beyond.