Red Sox’s awesome support of Celtics is much-needed change of pace

Atlanta Braves v Boston Red Sox
Atlanta Braves v Boston Red Sox / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages

The city of Boston's major sports teams embrace each other's accomplishments. The past 20 years have set a new standard for excellence in the city and fans expect championships or deep playoff runs year in and year out.

The 2024 Red Sox haven't flourished the way fans expected them to — the organization's early offseason statements didn't set the team up for success. But the Red Sox have thrived off "good vibes" this season, and the Celtics' are impeccable just hours from the start of the NBA Finals.

A few current and former Sox have flexed their Celtics fandom in the lead-up to the last dance. Bobby Dalbec worked a Celtics t-shirt during warm-ups before Boston's 9-0 shutout of the Braves. The entire team sported green gear on their flight to Chicago before their series with the White Sox.

Even Brennan Bernardino, a lifelong Lakers fan, participated in the Celtics support. He caught heat from fellow Lakers die-hard Kenley Jansen for his treachery, but Boston fans appreciate the love.

The Red Sox have shown serious support for the Celtics during their NBA Finals run

David Ortiz flashed his support for the C's at the Sox game on June 4. He brandished the Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy in an Al Horford jersey in the Monster seats, where he received an ovation from eager Boston fans.

Ortiz frequents TD Garden for Celtics games, and Alex Cora recently followed suit. He and his two sons attended Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals, and the Cora kids even made the Celtics' social media.

On the June 4 episode of WEEI's "Jones and Mego" show, Cora said his sons have been deeply invested in Boston's playoff run and that he's a big basketball fan himself. His family repped the Celtics' starting five on the family trip to Chicago for the White Sox series.

The big four Boston sports teams always support each other in the crucial moments, but the push for banner 18 feels different. The Celtics have made consistent, deep playoff runs for years, but have fallen short. With the way they've played this year, their current run has to be "it."

If the Celtics can bring the trophy home, maybe the Sox will get some good karma for their fervent support of the team down the street.

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