Red Sox: 4 reasons why Adam Duvall is the most important player at the trade deadline

The Boston Red Sox may have the most important player of the trade deadline given what the trade market looks like.

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Duvall is one of very few outfielders at the deadline with real offensive value

When you look at the outfielders that are likely to be moved at the deadline. Duvall stands out as a guy that can really provide some offense. He is basically a mortal lock each year to have a two week stretch where he looks like Babe Ruth and he is a consistent power threat who will also draw some walks. His hit tool can be a bit infuriating at times, but he is still is one of the top bats on the market regardless of his contract status.

When you look elsewhere, this becomes more clear. Cody Bellinger is having a really nice season with the Cubs, but we don't have a clear sense that the Cubs are going to sell at all given how bad the NL Central is and Bellinger is coming off back-to-back seasons where he struggled to hit .200. Bellinger is also owed significantly than Duvall (he is making $12 million this year plus another $5.5 million at minimum if his 2024 mutual option gets declined).

Teoscar Hernandez is a similar player to Duvall in a lot of ways, but the Mariners look more likely to buy than sell at this point and Hernandez is also owed twice as much money in 2023 that is owed to Duvall the rest of the way. Guys like Starling Marte, Dylan Carlson, Tyler O'Neill, and Jurickson Profar all have real present-day questions regarding their ability to contribute at the plate.

For a market that is bereft in outfield bats, Duvall's power combined with his contract may make him the most sought after outfield bat at the trade deadline. That is good news for the Red Sox as he could help shore up some of Boston's long-term depth.