MLB Insider reveals 3 Red Sox backup plans as race for Yoshinobu Yamamoto intensifies

If the Boston Red Sox miss out on Yoshinobu Yamamoto, it appears there are a few fallback options.
World Baseball Classic Semifinals pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto
World Baseball Classic Semifinals pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto / Eric Espada/GettyImages
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With Shohei Ohtani off the board, all the focus has shifted to Japanese pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto.

The latest Red Sox rumors suggest that Boston is in the mix for Yamamoto, though the Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Yankees may be the frontrunners for the right-hander's services. Several within the industry believe Yamamoto may land a $300 million contract.

While the Boston Red Sox could certainly match that number, recent history suggests that's not going to happen. However, MLB Insider Jon Heyman of the New York Post mentioned three starters who could serve as a backup plan in the event that Yamamoto does not sign with the Red Sox.

1. Red Sox rumors: Jordan Montgomery is still on Boston's radar

Tell me something I don't know, right? Red Sox fans have heard Jordan Montgomery's name since the offseason began. However, the left-hander still remains unsigned. Is Montgomery, like so many other starters, waiting out the Yamamoto market, or are there other teams who are looking to outbid the Red Sox?

In his report, Jon Heyman mentioned that the Red Sox have checked in on Montgomery. However, Heyman also noted that a return to the Texas Rangers should not be ruled out. Despite the fact that Texas just signed Tyler Mahle this week, it's doubtful the Rangers are done spending this winter.

Montgomery is reportedly seeking a deal similar the one that Carlos Rodón signed with the New York Yankees last offseason. What looks like a drastic overpay at the moment netted Rodón $162 million.

Will the Boston Red Sox be willing to meet those expectations? Perhaps, but there are other pitchers that Boston's front office is apparently checking in on as well. If the Red Sox fail to sign Yoshinobu Yamamoto or Jordan Montgomery, who else are they eyeing?