MLB insider places early blame ownership if Red Sox fail to add before trade deadline

Baltimore Orioles v Boston Red Sox
Baltimore Orioles v Boston Red Sox / Maddie Malhotra/Boston Red Sox/GettyImages

The Boston Red Sox's recent success has experts and fans reevaluating their thoughts on the organization's trade deadline strategy.

The Red Sox looked like clear sellers in early June, but three weeks of their best baseball of the season has changed everything for the club — but maybe not in the eyes of ownership.

On the latest installment of the "Foul Territory" podcast, MLB insider Ken Rosenthal discussed what he believes Boston's priorities should be before July 30. His take was heavily critical of Red Sox ownership, but optimistic, overall.

Rosenthal first lambasted Fenway Sports Group for "not [wanting] to try" the last few offseasons. Red Sox Nation is aware of team owner John Henry's recent financially conservative approach to crafting the team — Boston's front office budget has been so limited compared to previous years that it's earned criticism from national media. Rosenthal claimed the Red Sox are "better than [their ownership] deserves" after such an offseason performance.

MLB insider Ken Rosenthal believes Red Sox ownership is "obligated" to add before trade deadline

But he still believes they could buy if they maintain their June production. It would just take a recently unprecedented level of effort from the men in charge.

".. My goodness," Rosenthal said. "When you play like this and you've got Alex Cora in the last year of his contract, you're obligated, in my opinion, to make an effort here."

If the Red Sox intend to keep Cora around — and their fanbase happy — buying at the deadline will be key. The front office has stated on multiple occasions that winning is their ultimate goal, and the Sox have handed them a golden chance to prove it.

Rosenthal said it's possible that Boston could buy and sell, which seems like the most realistic plan. Fellow MLB insider Jim Bowden reported that the Red Sox plan to trade Kenley Jansen before his contract expires at the end of the season. Reliever Chris Martin may also be shipped at the deadline, and chief baseball officer Craig Breslow has already announced his plans to hunt for a starting pitcher and a temporary shortstop.

The sloppy defense and quiet offense of the Red Sox's June 25 loss to the Blue Jays reminded that the Sox could fall back to Earth before the deadline. Boston's record could be anywhere from 70-37 to 43-64 before July 30 — any plan the front office has discussed is far from solid, at this point.

But if the Red Sox stay hot, it's in the front office's best interest to go for it at the deadline. Red Sox Nation could soon find out if ownership is really committed to winning as it says it is.

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