MLB insider challenges Red Sox owners to prove themselves with daring Alex Cora plan

Boston Red Sox v Cincinnati Reds
Boston Red Sox v Cincinnati Reds / Jeff Dean/GettyImages

The Boston Red Sox's June play has fans and experts hoping the front office will add at the trade deadline.

But based on the Red Sox's recent offseason performances and a history of underwhelming trade deadline moves, many members of Red Sox Nation don't expect any blockbuster additions from the front office.

MLB insider Ken Rosenthal has made his opinions clear — if Boston fails to improve the team in a significant way at yet another trade deadline, the blame should rest on the team's ownership. In his latest column, he called out John Henry, specifically.

Red Sox skipper Alex Cora's contract is hurtling toward its expiration. The 2024 season is half over, and Boston has another half of the slate ahead to convince Cora to stick around for the next few years before he reaches the relatively new concept of managerial free agency.

Ken Rosenthal thinks the Red Sox should extend Alex Cora to prove their commitment to winning

Despite a lack of evidence to the contrary, Red Sox ownership — or the chosen mouthpiece for it — has attested that it is committed to fielding a winning team each year. Rosenthal has called ownership to action to prove its assertions by extending Cora.

An extension for Cora would be a great way for the front office to prove its desire to win. Cora is likely to be one of the most coveted managers in the league once his contract expires. If ownership drops a new deal in front of him when he isn't expecting it, Cora and fans may actually believe their commitment to winning.

Sam Kennedy, Craig Breslow or whoever speaks for ownership haven't given clear outlines of its deadline plans — it's still uncertain if the Red Sox are "buyers," "sellers," or a bit of both. MLB insider Jon Heyman reported that the Sox will be looking in the "long-term" around the deadline, which doesn't bode well for any blockbuster additions by July 30.

But Cora has made his hopes clear. In separate interviews, he stated that "[the Red Sox are] a lot better than what people thought," and that he wants the men in charge to "get greedy" at the deadline.

Cora and Red Sox fans have been perfectly clear about what they hope to see from the team this season. Just as Rosenthal suggests, the front office would have to be dense to ignore everything they've heard.

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