MLB ballparks ranked: Where does Fenway Park stand among all 30?

After visiting all 30 MLB ballparks, where does one of the oldest and most historic fields in the game rank?
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14. Chase Field - Arizona Diamondbacks

Another modern take with an old-timey feel, Chase Field is great. The dome and air conditioning are much needed in the sweltering heat of Arizona, and the Hall of Fame is well done here too. Catching a game from the pool in the outfield is up there on my bucket-list as well. Shoutout to Miguel Castro for throwing me a ball during batting practice.

13. Comerica Park - Detroit Tigers

I've seen a lot of other lists with Comerica much closer to the bottom, something that I didn't find a reason for during my time there. The backdrop overlooks the city, and Ford Field and Little Caesars Arena are literally right next door allowing Detroit to create a sports hub with plenty going on around each venue. The Chevy trucks in the outfield are hilariously out of place and I love them.

12. Minute Maid Park - Houston Astros

Not much to say here, this is a great ballpark. The train overlooking the outfield is a great addition, and I'm a fan of the Crawford Boxes. Good thing they removed the hill and flag in the outfield.

11. Kaufmann Stadium - Kansas City Royals

I understand that the Royals want an upgrade, but I love Kaufmann as well. The waterfalls in the outfield are beautiful, and my dad took one for the team here, sacrificing his hand to snag a home run ball during batting practice.

10. Fenway Park - Boston Red Sox

The moment you've been waiting for, Fenway takes the first spot in the top ten. I couldn't get myself to put it any lower, though admittedly based on seating alone it definitely should be. If you've ever sat in the grandstand seats in front of a pole, you know what I mean. I also really wish the Red Sox Hall of Fame was more out in the open. Enough trash talk though, I've seen so many great moments at this place, and it will always have a special spot in my heart. The additions to keep it up to date have been a pleasant surprise, and the Green Monster along with its scoreboard will always be iconic. Like a Cubs fan would say for Wrigley, I couldn't keep it out of the top ten because this building is a second home.