MLB ballparks ranked: Where does Fenway Park stand among all 30?

After visiting all 30 MLB ballparks, where does one of the oldest and most historic fields in the game rank?
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19. Citi Field - New York Mets

This is our first iteration on the list of an old-timey feel with a great modern touch. Citi Field is great, getting to it is a different story. I love the respect being paid to Shea Stadium with the old bridge being incorporated, and the big apple popping up is a great addition. I hope for Mets fans' sake that this park sees success in future seasons.

18. LoanDepot Park - Miami Marlins

Call me crazy, but I actually loved the weird home run statue, the fish tanks behind home plate, and the lime green outfield walls that have since been removed. Without them the park does feel a bit more bland, but I like the new uniforms and logo from the rebrand.

17. Angel Stadium of Anaheim - Los Angeles Angels

I won't get into the confusion of whether or not this team is really from Los Angeles or not. The rock scultpures in center field create a really nice backdrop, and I saw Daniel Nava hit a walk-off against the Red Sox during my visit here.

16. Rogers Centre - Toronto Blue Jays

Right in the heart of Toronto, this is a really nice ballpark. One of the highest goals on my bucket-list is to spend a night in the Rogers Centre hotel.

15. Great American Ballpark - Cincinnati Reds

One of the things that puts this park ahead of a lot of similar looking ones is the fact that the Reds' Hall of Fame is top notch. A huge museum as well as some interactive parts make this one of the best in baseball, and my dad's favorite player Eric Davis is well represented. If you haven't seen any Eric the Red highlights please check them out, he was electric.