MLB ballparks ranked: Where does Fenway Park stand among all 30?

After visiting all 30 MLB ballparks, where does one of the oldest and most historic fields in the game rank?
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25. Dodger Stadium - Los Angeles Dodgers

Another hot take, I just wasn't a huge fan of this park, something that would probably change if I was a fan of the team. There's almost nothing going on, and Los Angeles traffic getting there is brutal. The backdrop is all hills and the atmosphere is almost non-existent. The long history of the park keeps it from being lower on the rankings, but renovations to improve the venue haven't swayed my thoughts.

24. Progressive Field - Cleveland Guardians

This one is pretty generic as well, the right field seats make it tough to see a scoreboard from, and the mini Green Monster doesn't do much for me.

23. Globe Life Field - Texas Rangers

Currently the newest ballpark in the game with all the bells and whistles money could buy, I feel the team sacrificed a lot of personality during the upgrade. Playing in Texas, a dome was certainly needed, but the old ballpark now named Choctaw Stadium had a lot more going on. The outdoor plaza outside is a nice touch, but after walking through the doors the venue felt pretty bland for a team that has seen all-time greats such as Adrián Beltré and Nolan Ryan. Many other stadiums pay homage to the history of their franchises, but that is severely lacking in Texas.

22. Citizens Bank Park - Philadelphia Phillies

Philadelphia is a great atmosphere, very similar to Boston where fans will support the team through thick and thin. This park isn't bad by any means, but having nothing noteworthy kept it lower than some others.

21. Wrigley Field - Chicago Cubs

I know I'm in the minority when I say I wish the team would relocate to a better venue. The history keeps the building standing. I have to admit as biased as it may sound, I think Fenway does a much better job in modernizing a field that is over 100 years old. Like Fenway, there are many obstructed seats. The ivy is iconic, and the roof seating on buildings outside the stadium is a really nice touch, but I can't get myself to put it any higher on the list because of all the glaring flaws.

20. Target Field - Minnesota Twins

Long live the Metrodome, but an upgrade for the Twins was much needed, and this is a really nice one at that.