Liam Hendriks' hilarious text to Lucas Giolito reunites former teammates on Red Sox

Jun 6, 2023; Bronx, New York, USA; Chicago White Sox relief pitcher Liam Hendriks (31) reacts during
Jun 6, 2023; Bronx, New York, USA; Chicago White Sox relief pitcher Liam Hendriks (31) reacts during / Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Lucas Giolito was in the locker room at Fenway South on Monday morning, readying himself for another day of spring training with the Boston Red Sox.

He checks his phone and sees a text from Liam Hendriks.

"Where are you?" the text read.

Giolito was confused. He didn't know why Hendriks needed to know where he was.

"I’m in my closet getting dressed. What do you mean?" Giolito responded.

"I’m in the breakfast room," Hendriks texted back.

Hendriks was also at JetBlue Park that morning. He was getting his physical done and finalizing his contract with the Red Sox. He alerted his former teammate Giolito through text.

Liam Hendriks texted former teammate Lucas Giolito to tell him he was signing with the Red Sox

Giolito expressed his excitement that he and his former White Sox teammate were playing together again. The two pitchers were part of the 2021 Chicago team that made it to the ALDS. They unfortunately lost to the Astros in the playoffs, but the White Sox racked up 93 wins that year and Hendriks earned himself an All-Star appearance.

Giolito rained praise for Hendriks on NESN's Adam London. Not only is he excited to have his former teammate with the Red Sox, but he believes Hendriks is a fierce competitor who will light a fire under Boston's bullpen. He said signing the 35-year-old hurler was "a great move," even though he won't be able to pitch for upwards of six months.

Giolito has vouched for his former teammates in the past despite only being with Boston for three months himself. He made jokes to the media that the Red Sox should trade for White Sox ace Dylan Cease. Although he never escalated his suggestion to the front office, he said it'd be "really cool" to play with Cease again.

Hopefully, Giolito's support carries over to his current teammates. His relationships with Cease and Hendriks say a lot about Giolito's character — many Red Sox pitchers could learn from the veteran, and his tendency to befriend his teammates bodes well for any Boston arms that need counsel or advice.

Giolito's comments also go a long way when it comes to vouching for Hendriks. Many fans have likely seen the electricity he brings to the ballpark, but some Red Sox fans needed convincing that this signing is a good one due to his current recovery status.

With any luck, Giolito and Hendriks' relationship will expand and connect with the rest of the team. The two veteran arms' experiences could teach the current Red Sox bullpen and rotation a lot.

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