Jonathan Papelbon praises Red Sox while making subtle dig at front office

Detroit Tigers v Boston Red Sox
Detroit Tigers v Boston Red Sox / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages

Four Boston Red Sox of legend were inducted into the organization's Hall of Fame on May 29. One of those inductees was former closer and World Series champion Jonathan Papelbon.

After that, Papelbon appeared on WEEI during the Sox's May 30 game against the Tigers. He shared anecdotes about his time in Boston and became one of the most recent former players to critique the front office.

Papelbon praised the Red Sox for their relationship and togetherness as a team. He highlighted their ability to compete for each other when "the payroll isn't there."

The former closer didn't criticize the front office for its spending choices, but his comment implies his belief that low payroll may have something to do with the Red Sox's recent level of success. Other players, including a fellow 2024 Red Sox Hall of Fame inductee, have expressed similar beliefs.

Jonathan Papelbon's comments about Red Sox payroll suggest he's not thrilled about direction of the club

Dustin Pedroia earned 2024 Hall of Fame honors alongside his former teammate Papelbon. He told Red Sox management that there were available free agents who could help the team over the offseason, but Boston didn't take his financial advice.

Rafael Devers also put pressure on the front office to sign outside talent. He claimed that "everyone knows what [the Red Sox] need" to improve the team, but the front office didn't budge, as Sox fans very well know.

Criticism toward the Red Sox front office has slowed since the start of the season. The utter dominance of Boston's starting rotation at the beginning of the year likely played a part in the changes of heart across the league, but Red Sox fans haven't forgotten the trend of the past three offseasons, and neither have former players.

Now that these big names have taken to publicly pointing out the front office's neglect of the Sox, maybe something will change for next season. Papelbon can at least scare them, right?

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