John Henry attending Savannah Bananas game couldn't be worse timing after comments

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From June 8-9, Fenway Park was packed. But the Boston Red Sox weren't in town. The Savannah Bananas sold out the historic ballpark on two consecutive nights, which is more than the Sox have been able to muster all season.

The Bananas bring a new take on America's pastime. From dance routines to backflips, the Bananas' new brand of baseball, dubbed "Banana Ball," is fun for everyone. Their millions of followers on social media and constant sold-out crowds prove it.

The Bananas' stop in Boston featured many former Red Sox. Jonathan Papelbon, Bill "Spaceman" Lee, Mitch Moreland and Johnny Gomes all got in on the action and appeared in the games.

Red Sox owner John Henry also couldn't miss the Bananas while they were in town.

Henry has recently been the subject of heated discussions within the Boston fanbase. He's known for his elusiveness and his reluctance to speak to media, and his recent interview with Financial Times reminded everyone why — spending money on the Red Sox no longer aligns with Fenway Sports Group's priorities.

But Henry's ballpark was packed for the first time this year and "The Fenway Experience" was in full swing. Red Sox fans on social media made jokes about Henry looking for cheap talent to bring to Boston's roster next year.

John Henry attended Savannah Bananas game days after controversial comments about the Red Sox

The owner showed apathy toward the Red Sox in his first interview. Boston fans didn't take kindly to his attitude that good baseball players aren't worth spending on or that they're wrong to expect a championship every year, which was never true in the first place.

Henry doesn't frequent Fenway Park or pay attention to the Red Sox as much as he used to, but the second his ballpark is sold out and there's money to be made, he's posted up in the owner's box.

If Henry wants Fenway sold out every night, maybe he should put some effort into his actual baseball team. Boston fans sold out Fenway Park every night from May 15, 2003 - April 10, 2013, and surely they'd do it again if he just acted like he cared.

But for now, the Red Sox and their fans will have to settle for the fact that the best crowds of the season at Fenway Park were for Banana Ball and not the hometown team. Surely Henry will be fine, though. He made his money.

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