Jarren Duran’s hilarious Instagram story has Red Sox fans ready to trash talk

Boston Red Sox v Oakland Athletics
Boston Red Sox v Oakland Athletics / Lachlan Cunningham/GettyImages

It's well established that the Boston Red Sox are off to a hot start this baseball season, but Sox fans everywhere are still shell-shocked at some of their successes.

Boston's record has a lot of fans feeling good, and a lot lacking confidence. Three of the Sox's wins came against the Oakland A's, who lost over 100 games last season. But their competition doesn't seem to be putting a damper on the Red Sox's mood.

Jarren Duran has been racking up hits and steals for Boston and he was particularly electric during the A's series. He has a league-leading six stolen bags so far and three of them came in the first game of the Sox's Oakland trip.

The Red Sox have awarded themselves MLB's "good vibes" prize — at least, Alex Cora has — and the players are embracing the chance to have fun during the season. Dugout dance circles have become a daily occurrence and Duran loves them so much he took to Instagram to share it.

Jarren Duran reposted a meme to show off the Red Sox's "good vibes"

He reposted a meme made by a Red Sox fan account, yoshida_memes, which shows the Red Sox cutting a rug in the dugout. The text over the video of the dancing Sox may not age well, but the vibes are so good that nobody seems to care.

After the overwhelming negativity surrounding Boston this offseason, it's reassuring to see that the players can still stay positive. Players and fans were equally led astray by ownership this winter, but the Red Sox are having such a good time that it's pushed some of the offseason struggles into the back of fans' minds.

The dugout dances may take on a life of their own in Sox fans' memory. The age of the "win, dance, repeat" celebration has long ended, but the dance circle days are only just beginning.

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