Jarren Duran looks completely different with blonde hair as Red Sox rumors swirl

Boston Red Sox v New York Yankees
Boston Red Sox v New York Yankees / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

There has been rampant speculation about Boston Red Sox outfielder Jarren Duran's future with the team.

The Red Sox and Padres have reportedly been in discussions about the outfielder, and some Boston fans have reservations about trading Duran, while others think it may improve the team in the long run.

Regardless, Duran could be embracing the trade rumors with San Diego. He walked into spring training sporting a new, more Californian look.

Duran is rocking a blonde mullet and has been for a few days. Pictures and videos have circulated of Duran's blonde strands — his new look has been the talk of spring training thus far.

Jarren Duran is sporting a new, stereotypically Californian look at Red Sox spring training

The California native is also working a more defined mustache and goatee, and looks even stronger than he did last season. He and Tyler O'Neill are now in tight competition for the "most jacked Red Sox outfielder" award.

It's hard to tell whether Duran is embracing a potential trade to the Padres or if he's just going for a new look — he could even be trying to stick out more at spring training so the Red Sox hold onto him. His bleach-blonde tresses flying around the basepath would be a good way to ensure he's seen by the necessary people at spring training to win the center field job, for which he's competing against Ceddanne Rafaela.

The day before spring training opened, Cora suggested that Duran and Rafaela were both candidates for the role.

Cora's statement about Rafaela potentially earning the position at center field may mean that Duran is already mostly out the door as part of a trade. He deflected a question about Duran potentially winning the spot over Rafaela and didn't offer any clarity on who is favored for the job.

There are conflicting opinions from fans on both sides of the potential Duran-to-San-Diego deal. Some Sox fans believe Duran's upside is too great to sacrifice for a piece that likely won't make the current major-league roster any better. Many Padres fans like Duran and think his skillset and speed match up nicely with other pieces in San Diego's pastures, like Fernando Tatís Jr.

A lot of Red Sox fans have also admitted they'll be happy to see Duran go for the same reason some Padres fans have said they wouldn't want him on the squad. Some fear his plate production from last year can't be repeated and that his speed isn't compensation enough for his defensive deficiencies.

Regardless of where he'll end up playing in 2024, Duran showed up to spring training ready to stand out in more ways than one. A new look could be just the beginning for the young outfielder.

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