How Dave Dombrowski may have saved Chaim Bloom's Red Sox career

Texas Rangers v Boston Red Sox
Texas Rangers v Boston Red Sox / Brian Fluharty/GettyImages

Today it will be the Sorting Song from Sesame Street, where similarities and differences are used as a learning tool for children. How are things alike? How are they different? How does it apply to the Boston Red Sox?

Theo Epstein, Ben Cherrington, Dave Dombrowski, and Chaim Bloom are similar in that they were presidents of baseball operations, or what the title is now considered. I am "Old School," and I use the term general manager. How are they different?

At Fenway Park, the collection of flags has stalled after a rush this century - flags that represent a World Series title. The difference is Bloom has never contributed a flag, nor will he this season. The wolves are hungry and getting lean from a lack of championship protein. Slowly RSN is becoming divided into two camps - The Bloomanaitti and those that consider Bloom a vile plaque set on the destruction of the franchise.

Will Dombrowski era prospects give a stay of execution on Bloom?

Bloom may be on a precipice but could be restrained by the ironic fact that Dombrowski could be the savior or delay the execution of Bloom. There was no delay for Dombrowski, and Dombo was off the island just ten months after a championship.

Bloom was hired to marshall the franchise into a new era, but Dombo, in his four years, did win a title. Dombrowski helped create part of the core of a 108-win team with the enormous contracts of Chris Sale, J.D. Martinez, and David Price. Like gifted reliever Craig Kimbrell, Sale was acquired by shuffling prospects elsewhere, constituting the legend of the Dombrowski diaspora of prospects. Now prospects from the Dombrowski era may save Bloom's arse.

Bryan Bello has our attention—the best team-developed prospect since the days of Jon Lester and Craig Buchholz. That was during the Bush presidency - I believe the second one.

Bello has lightning in his right arm and can temporarily ease fans' pain every fifth day with the anticipation of watching a unique arm develop. Bello is not alone this season, and up comes Jarren Duran, another product of the Dombrowski regime. Has Duran become Grady Sizemore?

Tanner Houck and Triston Casas can also be added to the list of Dombo draft successes. Looking at the current top prospects, a sprinkling of talent from the Age of Dombrowski has had a taste of MLB or may soon have.

Baseball administration is like any administration, especially politics. There is a crossover in baseball where you inherit the good and the bad, the mistakes or the glory, and you can use it to avoid responsibility if needed.

Bloom may get canned before the season ends - that happened to Cherington and Drombowski. If that happens, the next GM or whatever they are called could enjoy the bounty of successful drafts and international signings or use it as a crutch to avoid blame.

In the meantime, the highlight of the 2023 season is Bello, Duran, and just watching what direction Casas will go. Now they can temporarily take the heat off of Bloom and his administration - a potential stay of execution.

Will management view it differently? They will likely do no cartwheels over handing out kudos to Drombowski and will give credit to the patience and development skills of the current administration. Bloom's real salvation would be to be part of similar things in the sesame street ditty.