Here’s the lone silver lining for Red Sox missing out on Jordan Montgomery

World Series - Arizona Diamondbacks v Texas Rangers - Game Two
World Series - Arizona Diamondbacks v Texas Rangers - Game Two / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

Months of speculation about reigning World Series champion Jordan Montgomery's 2024 fate ended on the night of March 26.

The lefty signed a one-year deal with the Arizona Diamondbacks and not the Boston Red Sox. Montgomery previously wanted a long-term contract, but he struggled to find a team willing to take him up on his price.

Many of Scott Boras' other clients settled for less than they originally hoped to sign for and Montgomery saw such a fate coming for himself in the weeks leading up to his signing. If the star was going to accept a short-term deal for 2024, he wanted to play for a contender. Signing with the team he faced in the World Series just months prior seems to satisfy that desire. A deal with the Red Sox wouldn't have offered the same security.

But all hope isn't lost for Boston. Sox fans and the organization know that 2024 will not be Boston's year, but the team has played better than expected in spring training. The regular season is a different beast, but if the Red Sox can continue their spring training success into the season, they could set themselves up as winners next year.

The Red Sox need to play well this year to potentially sign Jordan Montgomery next season

Montgomery could become a free agent again next season if he decides to opt out of his contract with Arizona (which he more than likely will). If the Snakes can manage another deep playoff run and Monty is at the forefront of the action, he will have once again angled himself properly for free agency bidding. The only way he doesn't opt out is if he has a horrific showing/injury-filled season and needs to rebuild his value in 2025.

The Red Sox may be able to sign Montgomery without going over the first luxury tax threshold next year (not that we believe that should be a priority for Boston's multi-billionaire owners.) Both Kenley Jansen and Chris Martin's contracts will be off the books, which will free up over $20 million.

For Montgomery to want to play in Boston, the Red Sox are going to have to perform. In a loaded American League East, that may be difficult, but if the 2021 Red Sox taught us anything, it's that sometimes, you can get far on sheer luck.

2024 was never the year for Boston, but they can change their fortunes around with a trendy campaign to attract free agents come November. All hope isn't lost for the team's future of spending money and convincing stars to play for the Sox.

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