Former Red Sox executive Chaim Bloom could reportedly succeed Cardinals GM

Former Red Sox boss Chaim Bloom could take over for Cardinals GM John Mozeliak.
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When Chaim Bloom was fired in September of last year, the Boston Red Sox were en route to their third last-place finish in the AL East in four years. The vast majority of the Sox fanbase was fed up with the man best known for trading franchise icon Mookie Betts, and were glad to see Bloom gone.

There was a ton of speculation about where Bloom would land, and whether he'd get another opportunity to lead an organization. He ended up signing on as an advisor with St. Louis this past winter and is working alongside Cardinals' GM John Mozeliak.

The current situation in St. Louis is eerily similar to the one Red Sox fans just went through. And like Bloom in the final year of his tenure in Boston, Cardinals fans are turning on Mozeliak en masse.

The Cardinals finished with a sub-.500 record last year, their first such season since 2007. And despite an offseason spent trying to address the team's holes, they find themselves at 18-25 with a miserable offense, multiple aging veterans on bloated contracts, and a lack of depth on the pitching staff.

Mozeliak's contract will end after the 2025 season and he's been alluding to the idea that he's going to step down after his contract expires. Ben Frederickson of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch (subscription required) reported on Friday that internal evaluations have already begun to find a successor ahead of the 2026 season.

If you guessed that Chaim Bloom is currently on the short list of options for the top job in the Cardinals organization, congratulations.

There are a couple other big names in St. Louis that would seem to have the background to do the job. But with the way things have gone over the past couple seasons, it's fair to assume that owner Bill DeWitt Jr. would want to bring in a fresh set of eyes and attempt a soft reboot.

Will Chaim Bloom take over for Cardinals' GM John Mozeliak?

Bloom will have a couple years of experience in the Cardinals organization under his belt by the time Mozeliak steps down and if DeWitt likes what he sees, Bloom could be the leading candidate to take over.

Bloom struggled with his role in Boston. He seemed indecisive at times and was overly focused on cost controls. However, it wasn't all bad. He added Marcelo Mayer, Roman Anthony, and Kyle Teel to a farm system desperately in need of a talent infusion. And he very clearly won the Nick Pivetta and Kyle Schwarber trades. He wasn't the greatest, but ownership did him no favors.

While the two organizations are quite similar in their approaches to baseball operations, it's possible that Bloom could improve upon the flaws we saw in Boston and become a successful executive in St. Louis.

He likely wouldn't have to deal with the fallout from trading a generational talent four months into the job, and will have some familiarity with the Cardinals organization by the time Mozeliak walks away. Many Red Sox fans will see this and laugh. After all, by the time he left Boston, Bloom was about as popular as the morning traffic on I-93.

But based on his success as an assistant in Tampa, along with some of the wins he had in Boston, Bloom is still a well-regarded name in his field. There's a very real possibility that Bloom gets the job in St. Louis, and if he does, Sox fans better hope he hasn't learned from his mistakes.