For Chaim Bloom's Red Sox, it could be worse

Rafael Devers Extension Press Conference
Rafael Devers Extension Press Conference / Maddie Malhotra/Boston Red Sox/GettyImages
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No Cowboy Up in LA

The more things change, the more they stay the same is the story of the Angels since singing cowboy Gene Autry opened his wallet years ago. Free Agents' negative timeline started with the death of Lyman Bostock and continues to the present with Anthony Rendon, Josh Hamilton, Albert Pujois, and many others.

Perry Minasian is the latest ringmaster for the disappointing Angels, and his bad luck or poor timing continues in the best Angels tradition. Minasian passed on dealing Shohei Ohtani and went into win-it-now mode.

Minasian emptied a healthy portion of the farm system for Luis Giolito and Reynaldo López, only to witness a death spiral out of contention. Ohtani is out with a bum arm to seal the deal on playoff hope. Then there is Mike Trout, who plays on a schedule of 120 games yearly.

When questions are raised about win it now and farm system be damned, then the Bloom crowd can point their fingers or beaks at the Angels. Now, Minasian is facing a rebuilding situation, especially if Ohtani leaves, and with owner Arte Morino pulling the Angels off the market, Minasian may soon join Eppler as an ex alo's GM.