6 DH options for the 2024 Boston Red Sox

If it's not Justin Turner, then who do the Red Sox turn to?
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DH option for the Red Sox No. 5) Triston Casas

Triston Casas put his offense all together starting in June and became the power source long predicted. The 24 home runs and 65 RBI are just a taste of a potential future of elite power numbers. Casas's 14.9 BB% showed his plate patience - almost too patient. A 129 wRC+ is well above average.

Casas will not have any memories of Doug Mientkiewicz, the slick-fielding first baseman of the 2004 championship team surfacing. Casas did demonstrate rudimentary improvement around the bag, especially corralling tosses from Devers. The final numbers on the "D" side were -4 DRS and 1.3 UZR/150.

Who plays first if Casas goes to DH? With 41 games at first, Turner picked up most of the slack, especially when Casas's season was halted over an injury. The minors have little, and then there is Bobby Dalbec, who returned with a 52.8 K% - that is not a typo.

Casas will remain glued to first, and DH will only occasionally surface in his statistical biography unless Freddie Freeman suddenly arrives in Boston, which is as likely as Bloom being rehired.