Red Sox reportedly sign Brayan Bello to favorable extension as rumors come true

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The Boston Red Sox and its homegrown starting pitcher Brayan Bello have been reportedly discussing a potential contract extension for a few weeks.

More recently, it's been reported that Bello and the Red Sox were in "advanced talks" about an extension and rumors flew about Bello's alleged deal.'s Francys Romero said that the deal was complete on the night of March 6, and ESPN's MLB insider Kiley McDaniel confirmed the details this afternoon.

Boston and Bello have agreed to a six-year, $55 million extension that includes a club option for a seventh year at $21 million.

Dominican MLB reporter Yancen Pujols suggested that Bello's extension will be formally announced this weekend during the Red Sox's Dominican Republic series against the Rays. Clearly, Bello and the Sox couldn't keep their secret until the weekend.

The Red Sox and Brayan Bello have reportedly agreed to a contract extension

Boston was able to lock Bello up on a team-friendly deal, which will serve it well in the future. With so much young talent in the farm system and expensive players on the free-agent market, a deal like this gives the Red Sox a lot of room to breathe.

Bello's extension comes at a crucial time. After likely losing Lucas Giolito to a season-ending injury and having to rely on relievers to fill out the starting rotation, Boston needs security more than anything. And with very few other starting pitchers in the Red Sox's farm system, Bello may be their only shot at having long-term homegrown talent on the mound.

And Bello has put in the work to earn an extension over the years. In 2023, Bello made 28 starts for the Sox and posted a 4.24 ERA over 157 innings. He logged 142 strikeouts and 45 walks and at just 24 years old there's still room for improvement, especially because he allowed 24 home runs last season.

Bello's ability to keep the ball on the ground is of great advantage to Boston in hitter-friendly Fenway Park. The Red Sox's defense needs to see some serious refinement before they get the full extent of the benefit, though.

Bello's extension places him in the small category of currently-tenured Red Sox with contracts extending past 2026. He and Rafael Devers are the only Boston players signed long-term at the time of publication of this report.

Boston hopes to build around its young core with all the short-term contracts on the books, and an extension for Bello is a great place to start.

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