Craig Breslow comments show he may be willing to extend Red Sox manager Alex Cora

Boston Red Sox Spring Training
Boston Red Sox Spring Training / Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/GettyImages

Boston Red Sox manager Alex Cora has been vague about his plans for the 2025 season. His contract with the Red Sox expires at the end of the 2024 campaign and the front office hasn't given media any clues on whether or not it plans to pursue an extension with the skipper.

Some reporters suggested that Boston's 2024 outcome would be the deciding factor on Cora's future with the organization — if he can manage the Red Sox to a winning season, he may be resigned, and if not, the Sox may choose to let Cora walk.

It was also theorized that, before Boston pulls the trigger on an extension with the manager, the organization would have to get a feel for his working relationship with new chief baseball officer Craig Breslow.

Just days into the season, Breslow had some high praise for Cora and the culture he's helped create in the clubhouse.

"It’s just so clear he's a great connector of people," Breslow said in a Q&A session with Ian Browne of "He's got the absolute trust of everyone in this clubhouse, and that's not easy to do. And it's especially not easy to do when you have to have really difficult conversations with players."

Recent comments from Red Sox chief baseball officer Craig Breslow suggest he admires Alex Cora's managerial style

The 2024 Red Sox have top-tier vibes so far, and even though they've only played a week's worth of games, seeing the team have fun amid the negativity around the club is reassuring. Breslow's comments suggest Cora might have played a big part in the players' level of connection and the overall high-energy in the dugout.

Breslow also commended the on-field product Cora has been able to produce and praised his management skills.

"He’s fearless when it comes to pulling the right levers to try to put the best guys out in the field, to create the best matchups, and whether that's pinch-hitting or moving guys around, [moving] big guys out of the lineup when there's a better matchup," Breslow said. "Either you can make those difficult decisions, or you can get everybody to kind of buy in and like you. To be able to do both is a really, really special talent."

Cora is a polarizing figure in the eyes of Red Sox Nation. Some fans have never forgiven him for his participation in the Astros' cheating scandal, some don't believe he's a good manager and others believe he's done his best with what the Red Sox organization has given him to work with. Cora's never said himself that he wants to continue to manage in Boston, either.

Breslow's comments show he admires Cora for multiple reasons that could qualify him for an extension. This season, the skipper has flexed his people skills and his managerial abilities after he put on a managing clinic against the A's on April 2.

The Sox are already off to a better start than most fans and reporters expected. If Cora's future with the Red Sox will be decided by their record, he's already making a big push for the deal.

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