Could Dustin Pedroia be a coaching or adviser fit for Red Sox after 2024?

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After he was inducted into the Boston Red Sox Hall of Fame on May 29, Dustin Pedroia addressed some previous comments he made about an eventual return to MLB.

The three-time World Series champion officially retired in 2021 and made statements about his hopes to return to baseball soon after the finale of his playing career. Three years down the line, Pedroia gave more details about his future plans.

The retired infielder helped players hone their skills over the offseason, including Boston-born Brewers outfielder Sal Frelick. Pedroia said he enjoyed coaching and "managing seems like a good time." He also didn't rule out a position in a front office somewhere.

But MLB won't see coach Pedey for quite a while. Pedroia's main focus is raising his children, the youngest of which is nine years old. He said he wouldn't make the venture back to MLB until his youngest son is out of the house, which means at least nine more years of waiting.

Pedroia spent his entire 14-year MLB career with the Red Sox, so they might have an interest in hiring him in a coaching position. But prior to his recent Sox Hall of Fame induction, Pedroia and Boston's front office didn't seem to be on great terms.

Red Sox legend Dustin Pedroia expressed interest in returning to MLB in front office or coaching position

Over the offseason, reports of a call between Pedroia and Red Sox president and CEO Sam Kennedy emerged. The conversation was confirmed by Alex Cora, who was present at the time. Pedroia and Kennedy had a FaceTime conversation about the former attending Red Sox spring training in a coaching role. Pedroia declined the invitation to camp, then said there were still available free agents the Red Sox could sign to improve the team.

Pedroia may just be a Red Sox fan — he clearly wants the organization to succeed — and there may be no hard feelings. Based on his comments to Kennedy, he may be just as well suited to an advisory role as a managerial job. Maybe Pedroia is banking on an ownership change in Boston before his son moves out in nine years.

Pedey's personality and pedigree would suit him to any club in MLB, but he would surely be a first choice for the Sox among many fans.

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