Boston sports radio hosts celebrate mid-broadcast at news Red Sox fired Chaim Bloom

There is no denying how these Boston sports radio hosts feel about Boston getting rid of Chaim Bloom.
Boston Red Sox Spring Training
Boston Red Sox Spring Training / Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/GettyImages

There have been a wide range of reactions to the Boston Red Sox firing of Chaim Bloom. Many Red Sox faithful are thrilled to see him gone given the perceived mismanagement of the roster including letting Mookie Betts go for basically nothing and not adding at the trade deadline. Others feel that ownership and other forces were working against the Red Sox and that Bloom was putting the organization on the path for sustainable success.

However, you will struggle to find a stronger positive reaction to Bloom's firing than what 98.5 The Sports Hub hosts Zolak & Bertrand had when the news broke on their show.

There is a lot to take in here. First, all of these guys are putting off some peak "Revenge of the Nerds" villain vibes as much as they were chanting "nerds" over the course of this clip. They were playing music, chanting, and saying things like "we might have a real baseball team again". Certainly didn't leave much in the way of guessing how they felt about the move.

Other than the weird frat boy thing they had going on for most of the segment, an interesting point was raised. When the Mets were able to bring David Stearns in to run the team, Boston may have felt the need to act quickly to get a big name that they were comfortable with running the team and making them competitive again before they were off the market. For those wondering, Theo Epstein isn't coming back so stop asking.

Other than that, it was your typically loud sports radio guys yelling about stuff, but it was certainly entertaining at least.

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