Boston reportedly is interested in former Astros GM James Click to run front office

The Red Sox are looking at some big names to lead their front office.
Nov 8, 2022; Las Vegas, NV, USA;  Houston Astros general manager James Click answers questions to
Nov 8, 2022; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Houston Astros general manager James Click answers questions to / Lucas Peltier-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston Red Sox's search to find a new leader of their front office has been heating up in recent days. After reportedly struggling to get the "best" names interested in the opening, more and more names have been thrown around in the rumor mill including Thad Levine and Kim Ng, the latter of which declined her part of the mutual option with the Marlins for 2024.

However, another VERY interesting name that just emerged could end up being a best case scenario assuming he is willing to deal with Boston's ownership as former Houston Astros GM James Click is reportedly under consideration for the job as well.

James Click in the running for the Red Sox's vacant front office job

There is no denying that Click would be a strong choice if Boston is able to convince him to take the job. His three seasons at the helm of the Astros included two World Series appearances. Since a rather acrimonious departure from Houston, Click has been working for Toronto as their Vice-President in charge of baseball strategy.

Click has all the analytics chops needed to lead a front office these days and has the resume that shows actually implementing a strategy that can put a winning team on the field. However, the Astros really screwed him over which ultimately led to him leaving and it is fair to wonder if he is going to be particularly careful in which organizations (and ownership groups) he is willing to put up with.

In any case, the Red Sox search is clearly heating up as there are rumors every day of new candidates under consideration or even interviewing with the team. It would not be all that shocking if Boston has a new front office head in the next week or two at this rate, which is good news because that means the Red Sox will actually have someone making decisions early in what should be a pivotal offseason.

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