5 Boston Red Sox prospects to watch for the Salem Red Sox

2022 Red Sox Draft Signings
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Boston Red Sox outfield prospect Roman Anthony

Mikey Romero was far from the only exciting prospect the Boston Red Sox drafted in 2022. Using their second-round compensatory pick, Boston snatched up outfielder Roman Anthony.

Anthony slashed .189/.279/.243 with two doubles in 10 Low-A games last season. He drove in five runs, scored two more, and walked more times (5) than he struck out (4).

Those aren't the best-looking numbers. A 10-game sample isn't much to go off of, though. Anthony is a left-handed bat with ridiculous power potential. Anthony is more than just a 30-plus home run talent, though.

The outfielder grades out pretty well across the board. He has the potential to produce good averages while mashing plenty of home runs. His speed is solid, and his defense gets the job done.

Possibly the crazy part of all of this is his age. Anthony won't turn 19 until May 13. So while all that potential is there, it's clear there can still be a ton of growth too.

Due to his age and inexperience in the minors, you shouldn't expect Anthony to dominate from the outset. 2023 will be about seeing him make adjustments and improvements. And if you get to see a couple of moonshots while he works on all that, it's a bonus.

The Boston Red Sox organization has a lot of raw prospects that could take steps forward in 2023. Roman Anthony's power stands out above the rest, though. His potential to be solid in every other category makes him more than an "interesting" prospect. There's legitimate potential there, and it will be fun to see what he can do in year one.