5 Boston Red Sox prospects to watch for the Salem Red Sox

2022 Red Sox Draft Signings
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The Salem Red Sox are the Low-A affiliates of the Boston Red Sox. In a regular year, fans would be excited to see the young prospects on the team get to work. And those young prospects would be headlined by talent from the previous year's draft.

However, 2023 is not a regular year. Salem will feature plenty of 2022 MLB draft prospects. They have someone else that makes them absolutely can't miss, though.

Don't worry - we'll get to the prospects soon enough. Although you can probably already figure out who we're talking about.

For now, we'll throw out the obligatory rules and warnings. Certain players won't be talked about simply because we aren't all that sure where they'll start the season. They have the green light if there's a strong chance they'll begin the year Low-A.

Some names won't be mentioned in the article, though. Brainer Bonaci should start in High-A, but it's not clear where he'll be yet. So, sadly he had to be skipped in the Greenville Drive article and in this one.

But also remember, there are only five players on this list. That means some names aren't going to be featured. Chase Meidroth, Luis Ravelo, Johnfrank Salazar, Yorberto Mejicano, and others also deserve love. And we're cheating by not adding Brooks Brannon and claiming he could still start in Rookie Ball.

Every minor league team in the Boston Red Sox system should be intriguing in 2023. The Salem Red Sox are a different animal, though. They feature talent top-to-bottom and have the prospect with the most realistic chance to take the world by storm this year.

If you're looking for potential, Boston's organization has plenty of it. And it all starts at the bottom, with Low-A.