Boston Red Sox prospect Kyle Teel talks about his journey so far

I had a quick chat with Boston Red Sox 2023 first-round draft pick Kyle Teel. We discussed his journey with the organization so far.
Kyle Teel Signing
Kyle Teel Signing / Maddie Malhotra/Boston Red Sox/GettyImages

Kyle Teel was the 14th overall pick in the 2023 MLB Draft. He immediately became the top-ranked catching prospect in the Boston Red Sox system.

In his short time in the organization, Teel has shown off an incredible all-around game. He's dominating at the plate, and behind it. Meanwhile, he's already showcased the type of leadership that teams would kill for from the catcher position.

On Thursday, I caught up with Teel to touch base on his journey since being drafted.

Q: Was it a surprise for you to get called up? Or did they tell you when you went to High-A that this might be part of the plan?

"It’s definitely great to see myself be successful and move up. I try and take it as a process-oriented kind of strategy, not really look for call-ups but just play the best I can and take it one game one pitch at a time and just really control the controllables.

So I wouldn’t say it was a surprise. I’m definitely really grateful that I was called up. That’s the goal, to make it to the big leagues eventually. So it’s definitely really great that I’m getting called up quickly.

But at the end of the day I think it’s just most important to take it one day at a time."

Q: You were drafted later than a lot of people expected. Is this like a Tom Brady situation? Do you have all the players and teams ahead of you written down and something you'll use as motivation?

"I’m just really happy where I ended up. Being drafted by the Red Sox is a dream come true. There’s nowhere else I’d rather be. So overall I’m just really happy with where I’m at. The Red Sox organization has really great resources to help develop and that’s the main thing I’m focusing on is just developing every single day."

Q: You got a hit in your first Double-A game. Was that important to get that weight off your shoulders? Or is it something that doesn't faze you either way?

"It felt really good to get the first hit under the belt. It’s just playing the game every day, playing hard. That’s what I try to do. Play hard every day and the results will come. Go out with a good approach and let the results take care of themselves. Just play hard."

Q: You've caught a lot of top pitchers in the organization already. Is it important for you to build relationships with them, knowing you could be catching them in the Majors? Is it something you focus on?

"100%. Catching Yordanny Monegro the other day. You could tell he was confident in his stuff. And just talking to him off the field, it was nice to see that we have the same goals in mind. It was great to see his intent and how he wanted to dominate every aspect.

And being able to work with him and be that battery with him was a really fun thing to do and I’m looking forward to the future of that."

Q: How hard is it to catch that curveball?

"After you see it a few times it’s easier. But it’s a nasty pitch. It’s a real nasty pitch."

Q: Is there something you want Red Sox fans to know about you?

"I’m a hard worker and I give it all I have every single day. And the most important thing to me is to win."