Red Sox History: A fan's all-time Red Sox defensive team

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Right Field - Mookie Betts

I will not choose Israel Alcantara or even J.D. Drew, but then comes Mary Ann or Ginger for the fans of Gilligan's Island. In this case, it is Dwight Evans or Mookie Betts.

There is a semi-strong movement afoot among Red Sox fans to have Evans in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Evans won't get in, but Betts eventually will; part of it is his defense. So, yes, I am going with Betts.

Betts' excellence was in all phases of outfield play, and the right field at Fenway Park was challenging. Like Yaz, Betts was a former infielder, and that skill set was on display with Betts' ability to attack the ball and deliver a quality throw. First to third on Betts was a high risk for the adventurous.

Betts's defensive numbers were consistently among the best in baseball during his career, with the Dodgers now the recipient of his outstanding play. Betts now has six Gold Gloves and will get a few more, including one possibly at second base.

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