Boston Red Sox drafts: How have the last 10 first-round picks done?

2022 Red Sox Draft Signings
2022 Red Sox Draft Signings / Maddie Malhotra/Boston Red Sox/GettyImages
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Taking a look back at the last 10 Boston Red Sox first-round draft picks

The Boston Red Sox have revamped their minor league system over the last few years. A prospect crop that was in absolute shambles in 2019 is suddenly loaded with exciting talent.

How did they do it? Some prospects blossomed, and others were traded for. There were international signings as well. Of course, the most obvious way to build up a system is through the draft.

You can find gems in any round of the draft. Some of the best players, like Wade Boggs (seventh round) and Kevin Youkilis (eighth round), were snatched up later in the draft.

However, it's the first-round picks that usually give you the most hope. Nomar Garciaparra was a first-round pick. Jim Rice and Roger Clemens were as well.

The first round is where a team really has that home run potential. That means there's also the potential for it to be a bust of a selection, though.

With that in mind, how have the Red Sox done in that category lately? We're going to go back and take a look at their last ten first-round draft picks. We'll discuss each, see where they are now, and give each a grade.

Obviously, some of the more recent picks will be harder to grade. Not only have some not made it to the Majors yet, but it's far too early in their minor league careers to assume too much. We'll do the best we can, though.

The Boston Red Sox farm system has improved in recent years, and a lot of that starts with these names.