3 Red Sox contracts we were happy to see end, and 2 we’re still eager to see expire

Boston Red Sox v Toronto Blue Jays
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2) Red Sox contract we cannot wait to see end: James Paxton

Somehow, even at a much lower rate, the James Paxton contract feels a lot worse. The Red Sox signed him to a two-year contract on December 1, 2021. For a total of only $10 million, adding the former New York Yankees pitcher felt like it could be a bargain. It hasn’t been. The Red Sox bought damaged goods.

There was a time when Big Maple was an effective big league pitcher. Unfortunately, Tommy John Surgery claimed him, too. The rite of passage for far too many pitchers, Paxton has made only 6 starts in the last three seasons. Zero have been with the Red Sox.

Boston took a weird chance on Paxton by giving him the two-year deal with no chance of being able to get out of it for 2023. This bad Red Sox contract might not prevent the club from doing other things or eat up too much payroll, but it’s aging badly largely because Paxton is 0 for 1 in taking the field.

It would take some sort of miraculous turnaround for Paxton to make this contract worth every penny. A more modest contract among these deals mentioned, it won’t go down as the biggest folly in Red Sox history. Consider it more of a modern blemish.

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