Boston Red Sox: Chase Meidroth is the forgotten prospect

ORLEANS 7/01/22  Y-D second baseman Chase Meidroth  makes a flying stop on ball hit by Austin Knight
ORLEANS 7/01/22 Y-D second baseman Chase Meidroth makes a flying stop on ball hit by Austin Knight / Ron Schloerb/Cape Cod Times / USA TODAY

The Boston Red Sox organization has been stacking talented prospects, and in the 2022 draft, they landed a few big names. That included Mikey Romero and Roman Anthony, to name two.

With all the talent, it's not uncommon for a player to go under the radar. And that's what it feels like we've seen happen to Chase Meidroth.

In a draft class filled with big names for the Red Sox, don't lose sight of Chase Meidroth

Meidroth was a fourth-round pick for Boston in 2022. Despite going so early, the insane amount of talent the Red Sox picked up in the draft overshadowed him. Meidroth didn't let that slow him down, though. The first chance he got, the second baseman turned as many heads as possible.

I mean, literally, the first chance he got. On the first pitch that Meidroth saw in Low-A, he hit a home run. That's certainly one way to make a phenomenal first impression.

In 19 games in Low-A last season, the left-handed hitter slashed .309/.424/.559 with five doubles and four home runs. That's next-level mashing. He drove in 12 runs, scored 15 more, and stole four bases. Meidroth also walked more times (12) than he struck out (9).

Everything was going great offensively. Meidroth looked poised at the plate and wasn't overmatched. Meanwhile, his line drive swing produced some pop with his strong average.

Defensively, there was nothing to get upset over, either. Meidroth appeared at second base for 128 1/3 innings. He didn't commit a single error in that time. The University of San Diego product showed footwork, a good glove, and solid arm strength.

Chase Meidroth was a fourth-round pick. He's a 21-year-old with impressive offensive potential, enough speed, and good defense. That sounds like a player that people should be getting excited over.

To be fair to fans of the Boston Red Sox, Meidroth has only had 19 games in Low-A. Maybe they didn't get a chance to see him much. 2023 will correct that, though.