Boston Red Sox all-time starting lineup based on WAR

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All-time best Red Sox lineup: 8. Dustin Pedroia, 2B

Dustin Pedroia is the player I modeled my little league game after the most: played second base, diminutive compared to the rest of my teammates, could turn on and rip an inside pitch. I, and pretty much all of Red Sox nation, still hasn't forgiven for Manny Machado for prematurely ending Pedroia's career, but are still beyond grateful for what we got out of him while we had him.

Pedroia amassed 51.9 career WAR with the Red Sox, which places him seventh all time for the team. This was the closest call for the all-time team, with #8 on the ranking being Pedroia's competition: Bobby Doerr. Doerr had 51.4 career WAR in Boston, making second base the most hotly-contested spot in this lineup, but I'll ride with the Laser Show any day of the week.

Pedroia slots in at eighth in this lineup because I know if anyone's on base ahead of him, Pedey is going to get them over or knock them in. There's a reason Pedroia won an MVP award, and this engine is going to keep on trucking with him batting No. 8.