Boston Red Sox all-time starting lineup based on WAR

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All-time best Red Sox lineup: 7. Wade Boggs, 3B

The time has come to talk about the man whose drinking exploits are the stuff of legends (and the inspiration of multiple great episodes of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Wade Boggs. The Chicken Man is going to patrol the hot corner for the all-time team, having spent 11 years doing so for the Red Sox in the 80s and the 90s before betraying us and taking his talents to the Bronx (and Tampa Bay, but they stunk back then, so ah well, c'est la vie).

Wade Boggs takes the bronze medal when it comes to the all-time rankings, achieving 72.0 WAR in his 11 years with the franchise. Beyond Boggs, there's quite the delta before the next best third baseman, which depending on how you determine it, could be either Rico Petrocelli at 39.1 WAR (he had roughly 50 more games at shortstop than third base, but since it's so close, I'd give him either one) or Larry Gardner at 30.7 WAR. Either way, Boggs is taking it in a landslide.

The bottom third of the lineup should serve as a great way to set up the top of the lineup once we get back around, and Boggs is the perfect batter to get that started. He led the league in batting average five times, on-base percentage six times, and had seven 200+ hit seasons. Boggs is going to hit, hit, and hit some more, and if I can get that from my No. 7 guy, what a lineup.