Boston Red Sox all-time starting lineup based on WAR

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All-time best Red Sox lineup: 5. David Ortiz, DH

There isn't a better choice in Red Sox or, for that matter, baseball history for the DH slot than the man who became the first career designated hitter to be inducted into the Hall of Fame than Big Papi himself, David Ortiz. Ortiz spent 14 years with the Red Sox after coming over from Minnesota, and helped lead the Red Sox to three World Series titles, slugging his way onto the Red Sox Mount Rushmore.

Ortiz finds himself sixth on the all-time WAR rankings, collecting 52.7 career WAR while a member of the Red Sox. As much of a slam dunk as Ted Williams was in left field, the same goes for Ortiz as the designated hitter. He's the only primary DH in the top 50, so it really wasn't going to be anyone else.

Ortiz bats fifth in this lineup to knock in runs in the middle of the lineup, produce some pop, and instill some fear in pitchers and let them know there's no letting up after the top half of the lineup. Big Papi had a .290/.386/.570 line during his Red Sox career, so the run machine is going to keep churning with Ortiz batting fifth.