Boston Red Sox all-time starting lineup based on WAR

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All-time best Red Sox lineup: 2. Jimmie Foxx, 1B

Keeping things old school with this next pick, Jimmie Foxx is going to hold down first base for this team. Foxx came up from Philadelphia to Boston in 1936, spending six full seasons and part of a seventh season with the Red Sox, before heading out west to Chicago in 1942. While Foxx never won a title with the Red Sox, he did win the 1938 MVP award, and was named an All-Star every full season he spent in Boston.

Foxx totaled 32.0 WAR during his time in Boston, which places him 22nd in the Red Sox all-time ranking, just ahead of his staunchest competition in this lineup in the Greek God of Walks himself, Kevin Youkilis (31.3 WAR). Foxx is the lowest-ranking member of this team in terms of the all-time rankings, but 32.0 WAR in just over six seasons is absolutely nothing to sneeze at.

Foxx takes the 2-hole in this lineup because, for lack of a better term, he raked in Boston. In his six full seasons, Foxx had an OPS of 1.039 and an OPS+ of 157. He led the league in on-base percentage, slugging percentage, and OPS twice while in Boston, so he could hit, he could get on, and he could hit for power. Foxx could do pretty much anything at the plate, and would be the perfect player to have knocking in Tris Speaker over and over again.