Boston Red Sox: 5 Worcester Red Sox storylines to follow in 2024

The minor leagues are always filled with intriguing storylines to follow as prospects try to make their way to the Majors. Here are a few you should follow for the Boston Red Sox Triple-A team in Worcester.

Polar Park Inaugural Game Worcester Red Sox  v. Syracuse Mets
Polar Park Inaugural Game Worcester Red Sox v. Syracuse Mets / Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/GettyImages
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This offseason hasn't been the most exciting time to be a fan of the Boston Red Sox. The team hasn't done much in terms of improving the roster. Fans are getting restless, and that's fair. Boston hasn't been good the last few seasons, and Red Sox fans expect greatness.

To be fair, most of the big-name free agents are still on the market, and plenty of teams haven't moved the needle. With Yoshinobu Yamamoto signing with the Los Angeles Dodgers, maybe other players will start to sign. However, that still doesn't make things fun for Red Sox fans to this point.

So, let's fast-forward to the 2024 season. The minor leagues tend to have storylines flowing through them at all times. Prospects are struggling or becoming breakout candidates. We'll see veterans rehabbing, players chasing records, and incredible runs.

5 Triple-A storylines for Boston Red Sox fans to follow in 2024

Last season, the Red Sox had a lot going on in their minor leagues. Roman Anthony emerged as a star, Shane Drohan went on a rollercoaster, Yordanny Monegro brought the juice, Kyle Teel was drafted, and so much more.

What storylines could we see in the minor leagues this year? We'll take a look at each level and predict some storylines for each Boston Red Sox minor league team. Could we see surprise promotions? Do we get a new rising star? Or does someone falter? Anything can and will happen in the minor leagues.

Naturally, we'll start in Triple-A and work our way down. Some of these are glaringly obvious, while we need to look into the future and take a bit of a guess for others.