Boston Red Sox: 5 Salem Red Sox storylines to follow in 2024

The minor leagues are always filled with intriguing storylines to follow as prospects try to make their way to the Majors. Here are a few you should keep up with for the Boston Red Sox Single-A team in Salem.
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Is there another Yordanny Monegro in 2024?

The path of Yordanny Monegro is not a story of continued dominance or anything. That's what makes it so intriguing.

In 2023, Monegro caught the attention of fans by dominating the FCL, Single-A, and High-A. He did so with a flair for swagger, often celebrating after strikeouts.

What you might not know, though, is that Monegro struggled in the FCL in 2022. The right-handed pitcher posted a 7.36 ERA, .321 BAA, and 1.87 WHIP in 25 2/3 innings that season.

The 2023 season saw Monegro post a 2.06 ERA, .194 BAA, and 1.10 WHIP between the three levels. He struck out 93 batters compared to just 26 walks in 65 2/3 innings.

Yes, fans loved Mongero for his electricity. He was fun to watch with all the strikeouts and celebrations. But he wouldn't have gotten any attention if he wasn't dominating while having that fun. The fact that he was barely on the radar before the season adds to the excitement.

With that in mind, will there be another Yordanny Mongero in 2024? Do the Red Sox have another electric arm waiting in the FCL or DSL that hasn't tapped into his potential yet and could start to show signs this season?

Mongero was far from Boston's top-30 prospects heading into last season. Now, he's widely considered not just one of the best pitchers in their farm system but one of the best talents full stop.

For a team that many consider to be light on starting pitching prospects, the Red Sox have a lot of exciting names. Mongero is joined by Luis Perales, Wikelman Gonzalez, Hunter Dobbins, Grant Gambrell, Jedixson Paez, Elmer Rodriguez-Cruz, and more.

Scout Eddie Romero and company certainly have a knack for finding unheralded prospects who shine. Will we see another pitcher emerge to bolster the ranks in 2024?