Boston Red Sox: 1 thing to be excited about and 1 to fear after the 1st series

Adam Duvall gets a base hit/ Baltimore Orioles v Boston Red Sox
Adam Duvall gets a base hit/ Baltimore Orioles v Boston Red Sox / Maddie Malhotra/Boston Red Sox/GettyImages
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The Boston Red Sox had not won an opening series since 2018. This weekend the Red Sox opened their season with a series win over the Baltimore Orioles. Led by red-hot bats the Red Sox ended their four-year drought of bad starts.

The lucky number was nine. The Red Sox were able to score nine runs in each of their three games to open the season for 27 runs in their opening series.

1 good thing: The Red Sox lineup looks unstoppable

The Red Sox were able to rally behind crucial bats within the lineup. Adam Duvall, Rafael Devers, and Justin Turner were key components in the Red Sox success of this past weekend. The three totaled 20 hits, 14 runs, and all three had a batting average of over .400.

Better yet, Duvall was able to play hero with a walk-off home run in the bottom of the ninth vs the Orioles in their 9-8 comeback win.

Masataka Yoshida showed his versatility in his debut series. Yoshida shined for four hits, three RBI, a stolen base, and a batting average of .308. Yoshida's early success has shown many fans the caliber of player the Red Sox were able to land.

One of the unsung heroes of the weekend was Alex Verdugo, who tallied four RBI, five hits, three runs, and a home run. The Red Sox have expected Verdugo to take that next step as a star and for sure he has already shown flashes of the quality of player he can be for the Sox.

The Boston Red Sox started the season with a rocky loss to Baltimore. However, The Sox rallied back this past weekend to give us an insight into the potential this team can provide throughout the season.