Boston fans up in arms over Red Sox reporter's controversial take on David Price

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Boston sports and its fans have a laundry list of enemies that range from individual players to entire organizations.

Boston Red Sox fans, in particular, love to hate the New York Yankees. Red Sox insider for NBC Sports Boston John Tomase named Alex Rodriguez near the top of his list of Boston sports villains, which may just be true. He beat up on the Red Sox during his 12-year career with the Yankees, which included multiple performance-enhancing drug scandals.

Tomase's list also contains some interesting choices. Passionate Patriots fans will agree with Roger Goodell's placement and Celtics fans can attest to their distaste of Kyrie Irving, especially as the C's face him in the NBA Finals.

But many Red Sox fans take issue with Tomase's No. 10 pick — David Price. He certainly was a villain in the past, but the hurler redeemed himself in the eyes of many Fenway Faithful.

Price had his moments with Red Sox fans both before and during his time in Boston. He spent eight seasons in the American League East before his Red Sox career. During that time, Price was a five-time All-Star, a Cy Young award winner, and received MVP votes multiple times.

In 2017, after his tenure in Boston began, Price got into a verbal altercation with NESN broadcaster and pitching legend Dennis Eckersley. Eckersley critiqued the performance of fellow Red Sox starter Eduardo Rodríguez and Price didn't take too kindly to his comments. He refused to apologize and paid the price for it among Boston media and fans.

But there aren't too many villains who helped carry their team to a World Series win on one of the best teams in MLB history. Price's AL East history doesn't outweigh the quality of his performance in 2018 — he pitched to a 3.58 ERA over 176 innings that season, which doesn't account for his postseason outings.

Red Sox fans defend David Price after reporter labels him a Boston sports villain

Price's 2018 World Series outings could have — and likely should have — won him series MVP. He logged a 1.98 ERA in three games, two starts, against the Dodgers. Over 13.2 lights-out innings, he collected 10 strikeouts.

Price isn't much of the Red Sox villain Tomase claimed he is. He was a key member of one of the best teams Red Sox fans and MLB fans have ever seen. His list could've been 10 men long with John Henry at No. 10 and more Boston fans would've been happy.

The 2018 season was one of the most recent times Henry put effort into fielding a competent Red Sox team. Price was a part of that success, regardless of his previous pedigree with the Red Sox and their division rivals. Boston fans look back on his tenure with fondness, not contempt.

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