Bleacher Report's Red Sox trade candidate destinations could net good returns

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The Boston Red Sox have a recent history of less-than-impressive trade deadline performances. Bleacher Report has some trade suggestions so they don't whiff again.

Zachary D. Rymer has named three pitchers the Red Sox could try and shop. Nick Pivetta, Chris Martin and Kenley Jansen are all on expiring contracts, and it would behoove Boston to either extend some of them (if they're contending) or pursue trades for the arms (if the playoffs seem out of reach).

Pivetta just got back from the injured list, where he's been since April 6 with a flexor strain, but he may have already pitched himself into contention for a contract extension. The right-hander posted a 0.82 ERA in 11 innings and struck out 13 batters before his tough outing against the Braves this week.

Pivetta's performance were integral to Boston's success in the first two weeks of the season, and if he and the Sox can't get an extension completed before the trade deadline, they should be able to collect a great return for him.

Bleacher Report's trade deadline predictions could help Red Sox redeem rough trade deadline history

Martin and Jansen are the more likely trade candidates of the hurlers Rymer named. Both are veterans, likely nearing the end of their respective careers.

Martin was outstanding for the Red Sox in 2023 and he pitched to an MLB-leading 1.05 ERA over 51.1 innings. His performance garnered little fanfare, likely because Boston didn't crack the postseason. As expected, his numbers have declined this year, and his ERA sits at 5.56 after 11.1 innings.

The 37-year-old started the season in a battle for a Red Sox franchise record for consecutive scoreless relief appearances. He made four appearances this season before his run-free streak ended on April 5 against the Angels.

Martin tends to dabble in the extremes lately — the pitcher lets up a few runs in one performance, and then none for a few outings to bring his ERA back to Earth. He allowed three runs on April 10, none in his next four performances, and three on April 28. More often than not, Martin is getting out of his appearances unscathed.

Jansen's season has been a bit more consistent than Martin's. He's logged a 1.86 ERA in 9.2 innings, but it's taken work to get there. Jansen has walked batters at a higher clip than usual and dealt with shoddy command at the beginning of the slate. He's improved over his 10 outings, fanning 14 batters and completing five saves.

The Red Sox could probably net similar returns for both Martin and Jansen, if not more for the latter. Both are in their mid-30s and have a lot of miles on their arms, but they would add to any 'pen. Jansen carries quite a contract and will make $16 million this season, so any team that pursues him would need to be willing to pay such a price. Bleacher Report named the Dodgers, Padres, Orioles and Rangers as potential destinations for the closer, and of those options, San Diego's bullpen needs the most help.

The Red Sox could pursue some quality returns for Pivetta, Martin or Jansen, but Pivetta has made a solid case for an extension. If Boston becomes a seller at the trade deadline, dishing Martin or Jansen could be a solid call, especially if its return would help bolster the defense.

Shipping Martin or Jansen may be a good decision regardless, as the Red Sox haven't been well-known for their trade deadline performances in recent years. Any return would be better than letting Jansen and Martin walk for nothing, unless the 2024 Red Sox have a postseason run in them.

MLB insider Jon Heyman believes Boston may be "too good to sell" this season, but there's a lot of baseball left until trade deadline needs can be determined.

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