Bleacher Report prediction gives Red Sox fans false hope with Juan Soto’s free agency

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The Boston Red Sox haven't been known for their excessive spending on star power in recent years. And fans have been enraged because of it.

But Zachary D. Rymer of Bleacher Report seemingly has some faith in the Sox to potentially pull off a blockbuster next offseason. Even though it isn't the rosiest prediction, many Sox fans, at this moment in time, would still probably disagree with it.

Early in the offseason, Boston's arch-rival, the New York Yankees, traded for Juan Soto, who is expected to be lethal alongside Aaron Judge. New York acquired him with one year remaining on his contract and had to pay him a staggering, record-breaking $31.5 million in arbitration this year.

That can only mean one thing; when Soto enters free agency at the end of the coming season — if he makes it that far without agreeing to an extension from the Yankees — he's going to be incredibly expensive.

Bleacher Report believes the Red Sox are a candidate for Juan Soto if he reaches free agency

And Rymer believes the Red Sox could be a potential destination option for the slugger. Not among the top ones, but he believes in them nonetheless. He has them as the seventh-likeliest landing spot for Soto.

At first, Rymer's prediction makes sense. Boston's front office promised fans a competitive team this season, yet its payroll sits tens of millions of dollars below the first luxury tax threshold. The Red Sox extended their prize player, Rafael Devers, before the start of last season and no one else on the team warrants an extension that large. They could be saving to go out and spend big next offseason.

But, knowing the current front office in Boston, that seems unlikely.

John Henry and Fenway Sports Group are taking a hands-off approach to managing the Red Sox. Improving the team in ways that cost a lot of money isn't a part of the fiscal plan, and Soto could end up being one of the most expensive players MLB has ever seen.

Soto also doesn't help the Red Sox acknowledge their biggest need, which is starting pitching (and it has been for quite some time). Boston is in the mindset of spending only necessary money, and nothing but pitchers are necessary for the current roster, which likely won't be getting any pitching help this year.

There are teams ahead of the Red Sox in Rymer's race for Soto's signature, and they blow Boston clear out of the running. The Yankees, Mets, Giants and Cubs are some clubs that fall ahead of the Sox in Rymer's prediction, and every single one of them has the money and tenacity to push Boston out of the conversation.

Soto batting in front of an extra-base hit machine in Devers would be the stuff of Red Sox Nation's dreams. But, unfortunately, his price does not align with Boston's new values, and we don't even know what will come next offseason.

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