Basebrawl at Fenway Park: Several slugfests that interrupted the game

Fenway Park has often become a boxing ring in the stands and on the field, especially when the Boston Red Sox play the New York Yankees.
New York Yankees vs Boston Red Sox - July 23, 2004
New York Yankees vs Boston Red Sox - July 23, 2004 / Jim Rogash/GettyImages
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Catchers brawl in 1973

Carlton Fisk is in the Baseball Hall of Fame, and Thurman Munson should be, but an accident took his life. Red Sox fans know all about Fisk's dramatic home run in Game Six of the 1975 World Series, but time fades the accomplishments of Munson.

Munson played 11 years all for the Yankees winning a Rookie of The Year Award, an MVP Award, three Gold Glove Awards, and seven All-Star recognitions. Munson was a career .292 hitter and batted .357 in 30 playoff games. Intense, hard-nosed, spirited, and highly competitive. His rivalry with Fisk was natural.

On August First of, 1973, in the ninth inning, they slugged it out at Fenway Park. A 2-2 tie game in the ninth when Munson barrelled into Fisk at home plate on a failed bunt by Gene Michael. Munson was out at home, and the benches soon cleared, but the simmering continued for both teams and still surfaces but usually just jawing.

In the short term, it carried over a few years later when Fisk and Yankees Lou Pinella exchanged niceties and punches at Yankee Stadium. "Sweet Lou" was soon viewed by RSN as Celtic fans viewed the Piston's Bill Lambeer.

As Bill Lee said in a great Spaceman quote on the battle: "Looked like two hookers fighting on 45th street." Lee would have his own Yankee moment in 1976 with Craig Nettles.