A personal shortlist of Red Sox prospect failures

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The Big Hitter - Bryce Brentz

Remember the love in Red Sox Nation for Bobby Dalbec and Michael Chavis? Two right-handed power bats that would dent the Green Monster and pile up dingers and RBI. Before both was Bryce Brentz, a first-round pick in 2010.

Brentz was built like a linebacker and started to destroy pitching on his way to The Show. The scouting report on Prospect Watch gave high hopes for the Fenway Folks that a power bat was on the way. Along that path, Brentz had some injury issues, including shooting himself in the leg, but oh, that power!

"Brentz has a strong, compact swing that allows him to crush the ball to all fields, which will happen more consistently if he continues improving his plate discipline. A former pitcher, he has the kind of plus arm that goes nicely with a power bat in right field. He should provide plenty of homers and RBIs in Fenway Park in the near future." MLB Prospect Watch

Brentz did the I-95 route between Boston and Pawtucket. In Boston, Brentz played a handful of games (34) over two seasons and hit .287, but the power? Just a lone home run. When you mention Dalbec and, to a lesser degree, Chavis, you think whiff, and the same applies to Brentz, even in the minors.

When I viewed Brentz, I saw a bit of my boyhood hero, Jackie Jensen, in his swing and physical appearance. It isn't easy to give up on power; you see it all the time, especially with a first-round pick. Will they put it all together? Most don't, which applies to Brentz, Dalbec, and Chavis.