8 times Craig Breslow stated the obvious in his first Red Sox press conference

The Red Sox introduced Craig Breslow on Thursday. We didn't here much that we didn't expect to hear unfortunately.
Mar 12, 2022; Mesa, AZ, USA; Chicago Cubs assistant general manager Craig Breslow arrives during a
Mar 12, 2022; Mesa, AZ, USA; Chicago Cubs assistant general manager Craig Breslow arrives during a / Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports
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Breslow is not afraid to make trades even if they are his kids' favorite players

Later in the press conference, Craig was asked about a rumor that he had traded one of his kids' favorite players. First, that is a hilarious question and second, Breslow was candid in saying that he did, in fact, play a role in trades that his kids were less than happy with.

The good news here is that he sure made it sound like he wants to be aggressive, his kids be damned. The downside is that he is replacing Chaim Bloom who traded Mookie Betts away for pennies on the dollar which was...less than ideal. Hopefully if he makes his kids mad, it will be at least for a move that was right to make.

He is taking time to evaluate the organization before making wholesale changes

A common theme throughout the press conference was that Breslow wants to take his time in working through the organization to see where changes need to be made. This was evident in his response to front office, player development, and roster questions.

Taking time to make informed decisions isn't usually a bad thing and he was probably always going to say that. However, it will be interesting to see how active Boston is early in the offseason vs. how the rest of the league approaches it. If the rest of the league goes wild in November and the Red Sox are quiet, it could be a problem.

Breslow believes in front office involvement in on the field decisions

One question that came up was how Breslow was going to relate to manager Alex Cora and who would be ultimately responsible for in-game decision-making. He was very clear that he thinks that the front office should play an important role in those decisions, but his position was more nuanced than that.

Breslow pointed to the fact that all of the information that the front office has at their disposal needs to be synthesized with the info that the coaching staff has to make the best possible decisions, so there isn't going to be any front office railroading happening. He also pointed to his long-standing relationship with Cora from his playing days as a source of confidence that the arrangement will work out great for everyone.