8 of the most hated Red Sox players of all-time

There have been plenty of players over the course of Red Sox history that fans have hated for one reason or another. Lets take a look at the worst offenders.
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When anyone talks about players that Red Sox fans hate the most, generally the list starts with a bunch of New York Yankees. There are also some that either did something to crush Boston fans' dreams or disrespected the Red Sox in some form or fashion. Every team's fans has a list of guys that they hate for one reason or another...it is a tale as old as time.

However, there are rare cases where fans' ire turns to their own players. Generally speaking, most of the time this is due to a player making a lot of money and playing poorly. The smart money is usually to bet on that one. Other times it is because the player leaves in free agency in search of more money/out of spite.

There are also guys that are just jerks. In rare instances, guys can fit into more than one category and they have a special place of honor in such debates.

Here are 8 of the most hated Red Sox players of all-time

For the sake of clarity, there are going to be different types of hated players on this list. For some guys, it is going to be about the peak hatred they received even if time has begun to heal certain wounds. Not every player on this list is a universally terrible human being beyond redemption and not all of the hate directed towards them is rational. This is just pointing out guys who Boston fans for one reason or another hated (and in many cases continue to hate) a lot. Nothing more, nothing less.

Let's take a look at some of the most hated Red Sox players of all-time in no particular order.