6 Red Sox players that are amazing Immaculate Grid guesses

Immaculate Grid has taken the baseball world by storm. Here's a look at some Red Sox players who can help you fill in your Grids.
Kansas City Royals v Boston Red Sox
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For the uninitiated, Immaculate Grid is an online game not dissimilar to Wordle that has become very popular amongst baseball fans where you have nine guesses to fill in a 3x3 grid with players that fit the criteria for each corresponding row and column. Most people are just looking to complete their grid each day while a brave few try to up the difficulty by trying to get the highest rarity score using the least known players possible.

Luckily, the Boston Red Sox have several players from the history of the franchise that are amazing guesses for Immaculate Grid when you are completely clueless and don't want to cheat and look up answers each day.

Immaculate Grid Answers: Here are 6 Red Sox players who are great guesses

The goal here is to give you some present/former Red Sox players that are fantastic guesses when you are completely in the dark on a square of your grid, not to give you the answers. If you are wanting to lose any sense of pride, there are plenty of other ways to cheat and get specific answers to your Immaculate Grid each day. However, if you take the time to research the players below, you will find they are great options for a lot of different Grids. You'll only find how many teams each guy has played for here along with some hints for when they could be useful here, though.

Matt Stairs

Most of the players that populate the top of the "most teams played for" lists are pitchers, but Matt Stairs is the exception to the rule as he was a pinch-hitter extraordinaire and bounced around 12 different teams in his 19 year career. Stairs is a very strong blind guess when you don't have a clue as he saw plenty of time in both leagues. He isn't a bad rarity score play, either, as he isn't exactly a household name.

Rich Hill

Speaking of journeyman pitchers, we have Rich Hill who has had a few stints with Boston at this point and has also played for 12 teams in his career. Hill isn't the best option if you are looking for someone obscure as he is still playing and therefore fresh on folks' minds, but is a great option in a pinch especially if you are needing connections to American League teams.

Bruce Chen

Bruce Chen may not have exactly lived up to his lofty prospect billing from way back when, but he pitched in the league for a long time and got playing time with 11 different organizations along the way. He is a pretty strong rarity play and is another particularly decent option when it comes to AL teams played for.

Royce Clayton

We swing back to the position player side of things with Royce Clayton who played for 11 different squads in his career. Clayton saw a decent amount of time in the National League as a change of pace and is also helpful for an awards category that may or may not involve a certain midsummer exhibition game that happens every year.

Bartolo Colon

If you are wanting to research one pitcher that can get you the most mileage in Immaculate Grid, it may be Bartolo. In addition to playing for 11 different teams with a pretty heavy lean towards the American League, Bartolo also helps with some key awards/career achievements categories that can be tough to come by. He isn't likely to help your rarity score a ton, though, because everyone knows him.

Marlon Byrd

Finally, we come to Marlon Byrd who saw playing time with 10 different teams in his career. Byrd gets forgotten about more than he probably should, so he is a pretty good play if you are looking for some obscurity while also getting a little bit of awards love along the way. He also has a decent amount of experience in the National League and is a better guess when trying to make connections there.

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