6 MLB All-Stars that could be Red Sox by the trade deadline

The Boston Red Sox are going to have to swing big to move the needle and make a real playoff push.
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We are about a week out from the trade deadline and Boston Red Sox have worked themselves into a position where they have a case to be buyers. As of 7/24, they are just two games back in the AL wild card race and 8.5 games back in the brutal AL East. That certainly isn't ideal, but Boston is definitely within striking distance.

The issue with Boston being buyers at the trade deadline is that they have to make some substantial trades to move the needle enough to contend. Gathering up a couple rental 5th starters isn't gonna get the job done even with Trevor Story seemingly close to returning and the team playing pretty well at the moment.

Sure, a couple minor bullpen upgrades and starter depth pieces would be nice, but Boston has to make up some significant ground against some really good teams to make the playoffs this season. If they are going to go for it, they are going to have to push their chips in for some high end talent.

Here are 6 MLB All-Stars that could be Red Sox by the trade deadline

For this exercise, the focus is going to be solely on players that have been named to All-Star teams who are also potentially available at the trade deadline this year. Would it be sweet to trade for Mike Trout and Zac Gallen? Of course, but those guys aren't going to be available for a number of reasons. The idea here is to dream big, but not be completely pie-in-the-sky thinking.

Lets take a look at the All-Stars that the Red Sox could trade for by the trade deadline.