5 teams that the Red Sox need to try to make a trade with at the deadline

The trade deadline is all about trying to find the right trade partner. Boston has no shortage of options there.
Oakland Athletics v Boston Red Sox
Oakland Athletics v Boston Red Sox / Maddie Malhotra/Boston Red Sox/GettyImages
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The Boston Red Sox remain in a weird position as we enter the second half. This is far from a bad team, but they are playing in a brutally tough AL East this year and the wild card race is looking to be very competitive the rest of the way.

However, a strong end to the first half gives Boston hope that they could at least make a run at a wild card spot especially with Trevor Story and Corey Kluber looking like they could be back relatively soon from the injured list.

The trick here is that Boston does have some pieces that they could sell at the deadline that wouldn't torpedo their roster and could also help them get the starting pitching that they sorely need. A hybrid approach at the deadline seems like the path forward as a result and that is going to require finding the right trade partners.

Here are the teams that the Red Sox should match up with at the trade deadline

The goal here is to find teams that have needs that Boston can help fill for their own races while also bolstering the Red Sox's own ranks in the short and long-term. Boston also just needs to find teams that are guaranteed sellers at the deadline to fill roster holes for 2023 so that they can keep their playoff chances alive. This isn't the easiest needle to thread, but there should be opportunities towards this end at the deadline.

Anyways, lets get into the teams that the Red Sox need to match up with at the trade deadline.